Stories of OSU – Dr. Strauss Sexual Abuse

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On Friday, November 16th, survivors of Dr. Strauss sexual abuse addressed the Ohio State Board of Trustees with their personal stories. Listen and tell the OSU Board of Trustees to do the right thing for Dr. Strauss’s victims. Their email is:

Breaking the silence to hold Ohio State accountable.

Mike Schyck’s story

Mike Schyck arrived at Ohio State on a wrestling scholarship. He would end his wrestling career as a two-time NCAA All American. During his time at Ohio State, Schyck and his teammates were subjected to abuse by Dr. Strauss. Schyck is hoping that the Ohio State Board of Trustees will make changes so this doesn’t happen to the next generation. Read more about Mike’s story.

The name Richard Strauss brings fear to me

A foreign student who attended Ohio State in the 1980’s arrived in Columbus with little money in his pocket, but big dreams that he almost abandoned because of sexual abuse by Dr. Richard Strauss. Rafael told his Larkin Hall supervisor but he was ignored. Read more.

Dr. Strauss is the reason I wanted to get away from OSU

Strauss molested Chuck when he was a freshman, with the resulting trauma leaving him troubled and unable to sleep at night. “They had to put me on sleeping pills and I ended up hating wrestling,” Chuck said. “Strauss ruined the whole sport for me.” Read more.

First-person story illustrates long-term impacts of Strauss’s abuse

When I entered Ohio State in the mid-1990s, I was just like many other undergraduates – young and impressionable, but also excited because I believed my path to a successful and fulfilled life would begin with a college education. I did not have a scholarship, but I did take out loans that I’m still paying back 25 years later. I’m also still paying a heavy emotional price for my education. Read more.

OSU Strauss Wrestling Sex Abuse

Abused repeatedly by team doctor Richard Strauss, fed up former wrestler quit the team

“A week after I proposed to my wife, Dr. Strauss sexually assaulted me,” John said. “But instead of returning to the mat for the Big Ten Championships, I walked out the door and never went back. My dream-turned-nightmare was over.”

OSU Tennis Strauss Sex Abuse

Retired OSU tennis coach used Dr. Richard Strauss as a weapon against players

A former Ohio State varsity tennis player says there’s no doubt that retired Coach John Daly knew Dr. Richard Strauss was abusing players. “I remember Coach smirking when Strauss’s name came up – he knew what was going on,” Gregory said. “In fact, if players didn’t behave their punishment would be to go see Dr. Strauss.”

OSU Diving Strauss

‘I said no, but he wouldn’t stop,’ former Ohio State diver says

Robert was so traumatized by Dr. Richard Strauss’s abuse that he sought help from a therapist to learn how to trust again. But all he got was a list of OSU-provided services for sexual abuse victims who live in Ohio. Robert lives in Florida and hopes to overcome his trust issues, so he can form long-lasting and loving relationships going forward. Read Robert’s story here.

OSU Strauss Gymnast Victim

OSU team doctor Richard Strauss was known as ‘Mr. Clean,’ former gymnast says

When many sports teams finished their daily practice at Ohio State, athletes would head to their locker rooms for a shower and, more often than not, team doctor Richard Strauss was right there with them. “He was taking 4-5 showers a day within an hour or two of each other and with different sports teams,” James recalls in this story.

Strauss OSU Sex Abuse Glove

Lasting impacts: Ex-Ohio State swimmer hasn’t had a physical in more than 35 years

Kent Kilgore was excited to enter Ohio State in 1981 with a partial swimming scholarship, but shortly after arriving on campus he went for a physical with Dr. Richard Strauss, which proved to be a life-changing experience. Kent recalls that Strauss “snapped his gloves” and looked him over, up and down. “That’s when I knew something strange was going on,” he said. “When I walked out, the older swimmers all had their heads bowed down. A few said, ‘Sorry about that. Welcome to the team.’ Read Kent’s story.

OSU Strauss Wrestling Sex Abuse

Ex-Wrestler: OSU Allowed Athlete Sexual Abuse

A former Ohio State wrestler is going public with his story to encourage the Ohio legislature to change the statute of limitations, so he and other former athletes can proceed with their class action lawsuit. “Donald” says there is no difference between himself, the other male victims and what happened to the young women at Michigan State.  Read more about Donald’s abuse by Dr. Strauss.

OSU Strauss Hockey Sex Abuse Victim

Former OSU Hockey Player Comes Forward

Over the years, Thomas told his story to family and friends, which helped him bury his emotions. But his feelings bubbled to the surface recently when he was interviewed by investigators from a law firm that was hired to look into the Strauss allegations. It is a reminder of how much these incidents scarred him. Read more about Thomas’ experiences with Dr. Strauss.

Brian Garrett

Brian’s Story

Brian is one of hundreds of brave survivors who have come forward to demand accountability from OSU. As a result of the sexual abuse perpetrated by Dr. Richard Strauss, Brian Garrett continues to live with the ramifications of Ohio State’s failure to protect students from Dr. Strauss. Read more about what Brian is experiencing today.


Help these victims obtain the justice they deserve by filling out the below form and submitting a letter to your legislators.

Write to Legislators
Dear Members of the Ohio General Assembly,

I’m writing today in support of HB 249. The statute of limitations needs to be changed in order to help Dr. Richard Strauss’s Ohio State victims.

Most of Strauss’s victims were teenagers whose parents entrusted their futures to Ohio State.

But the University failed these young men by repeatedly ignoring complaints that Strauss was a sexual predator who was abusing students.

Two independent investigations have revealed decades of institutional betrayal by the University. It’s abundantly clear that the University won’t voluntarily right this wrong, so I encourage you and other Legislators to enact and support legislation to support HB 249 and amend the statute of limitations for Dr. Strauss abuse victims.

It is the moral obligation of all Ohioans to make sure sexual abuse victims have the right to pursue justice and hold our institutions accountable.