Statement from Sexual Abuse Victims of Ohio State and Dr. Richard Strauss on Legislation Introduced by Representative Brett Hillyer

HB 249 would give OSU-Dr. Strauss victims their day in court

HB 249 was introduced today by Republican Representative Brett Hillyer. The bill will allow sexual misconduct victims of Ohio State’s Dr. Richard Strauss the legal opportunity to hold the university accountable for the sexual abuse committed by its former team physician.

Ohio State alumnus and Dr. Strauss victim, Brian Garrett said, “OSU made a promise six months ago to take care of these sexual abuse victims, and they have failed to honor their word. Instead, they have responded with litigation to escape accountability and responsibility.”

In November of 2018, victims of Dr. Strauss were promised by the Board of Trustees that they would be taken care of. Six months later, nothing but a motion to dismiss their legal claim.

Another OSU alumnus, named plaintiff, and alleged Dr. Strauss victim, Kent Kilgore said, “We don’t need a report to understand that hundreds, if not thousands, of young men were sexually abused by Dr. Richard Strauss. What we need is for OSU to take accountability and responsibility for its failure to protect its young students when they knew for years that Dr. Strauss was sexually abusing students. OSU had an obligation to protect students. This legislation will force them to act for what happened on their watch.”

“The medical literature is now virtually in complete agreement that sex abuse victims are not capable of timely presenting their claims within traditional statute of limitation periods due to memory repression, disassociation, fear, shame, embarrassment and/or intimidation. This new law serves to properly accommodate these ailments,” said attorney Robert Allard. “In this case, victims started reporting in the late 1970s, and OSU turned its back on those that reported and did nothing to help them or to stop future students from being sexually abused by Dr. Strauss,” added attorney Steve Estey.

Forty-seven sexual abuse victims of OSU – Dr. Strauss sex abuse are suing the university (Brian Garrett, et al., v. The Ohio State University, Case 2:18-cv-00692-MPH-EPD) and are being represented by the law firms of Sharp Law, Corsiglia, McMahon & Allard, and Estey & Bomberger.

The law firms continue their investigation into OSU’s role, and urge victims and witnesses to call (800) 474-5201.