Restore the rights of Ohio State
sexual abuse victims

Victims of sexual abuse, especially abuse perpetrated by a person in a position of authority, should not be barred from pursuing justice on a legal technicality.  Around the country, state legislatures have undertaken efforts to reform statutes of limitations particularly in cases of sexual abuse.  An academic institution that has enabled the abuse of its students by failure to investigate or take action claims of sexual abuse should be held accountable for facilitating such abuse and betraying the trust of those under its purview.

Now is the time to call upon your State Senator and Representative in the Ohio General Assembly.  Demand our elected officials do the right thing and take action to pursue a window for survivors of Richard Strauss’s sexual abuse who are currently barred by the state statute of limitations from filing suit against those responsible for enabling decades of misconduct.

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Dear Members of the Ohio General Assembly,

Ohio State University Dr. Richard Strauss is accused of abusing hundreds of Ohio State University athletes, students, and non-students. Allegations that have been brought to light in the wake of the University investigation reveal decades of institutional betrayal by the University, which was notified of these allegations, and failed to investigate or prevent further abuse.

In spite of these systematic failures to protect individuals under the University’s purview, the Ohio General Assembly has the opportunity to ensure that these victims are able to obtain the justice they deserve by changing the statute of limitations.

All of Strauss's victims are prohibited from taking legal action because Ohio's two-year statute of limitations expired long ago.

The Michigan Legislature, when faced with the Larry Nassar abuse scandal, took swift action to provide his victims with a retroactive right to sue regardless of the lapsed statute of limitations period. Pennsylvania’s General Assembly is currently considering similar action for victims of priest abuse. There is no excuse for those in power to fail to act and prolong the suffering of sexual abuse victims.

I ask Ohio legislators to have the courage to provide victims of sexual abuse a retroactive right to sue, which would ensure that OSU's victims are able to obtain justice; that the institutions which enabled sexual abuse are held accountable; and that the Ohio State community can begin the process of healing. By expanding the window for victims of OSU sexual abuse, the Ohio General Assembly has a unique opportunity to ensure that victims of sexual abuse are not deprived of their rights on a legal technicality and encourage lasting change for victims' rights in the state.